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curated nutritional reference guide,
+ science based online magazine.

no recipes, just nutrition

I may be a private chef but this website is my place to nerd out about all things nutrition.
You won’t find recipes or how to’s here – but you will find evidence driven responses to
the top nutrition related questions plastered all over the internet. No lemon water click bate.

The tagline at Alexandra Thomas Eats (dot) (com) is:
Taking complex nutritional topics and breaking them into short digestible bites.
That is exactly what I aim to do.


If you are interested in learning meal prep tips and how to start eating healthier I work with
clients one-on-one only. Lifestyle changes are hard to make and I think your greatest chance
at success for long term change isn’t a short term process, diet, cleanse, or quick fix.

Want to learn more? See how you can make a lifestyle change in 56 days.