Three ways you are ruining your oils

Oils can easily become rancid before we even get around to using them. Once oils have oxidized the flavor and nutritional value has been compromised. Three key factors in avoiding oxidization are heat, light, and oxygen. I’ve broken down the three ways you can avert these easy mistakes.


Buying: Avoid purchasing multi-packs or large bottles of oils that will take you a long time to use up. Generally buy a quantity that use can use within in a reasonable amount of time.
Storing: If you do buy big bottles consider transferring the oil into smaller bottles as you use it. If your bottle is only half way full of oil that means the remainder of the bottle is full of air. Air = oxidization. Remember to always store your oils in a container that has a cap or lid.


Buying: Choose tinted glass bottles that are black, brown, or dark green.
Storing: Once you bring the bottle home avoid direct sunlight and opt for a cupboard or cabinet.


Buying: All oils have a smoke point. Read this post to ensure you aren’t using wasting unrefined and flavorful cooking oil with unwanted heat. Heating oils can change the flavor of the oil significantly.
Storing: It’s generally fine to keep oils at room temperature. However there are some places in the kitchen that oil should not be stored: a windowsill, back ledge of the stove, or cabinets over the stove top.

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