What to Look for When Buying Honey

The nutritional content of honey can vary depending on which plants the bees are collecting pollen from. For that reason it’s difficult to give a stat list of vitamins and minerals found in this golden goo. By weight honey is basically a liquid carbohydrate that contains little fat or protein. Honey is made up of glucose and fructose in close to equal amounts. There are also traces of phenolics and other antioxidants found in honey.

Purchasing Honey

Manuka honey is the creme de la creme. A close second is raw, unpasteurized, local honey. Avoid honey that has been excessively heated or filtered as the nutrient quality will be low. Be aware that bees collecting pollen from pesticide laden crops will be present in the finished product. To learn more about the mass agricultural pollination and farming in the US read this interview with Damian Magista on GOOP.

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Do you know a great place to get honey? The farmers’ market.


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