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all carbs aren’t equal

health benefits of carbohydrates

breakdown of types of carbs (fiber: soluble, insoluble)

simple vs. complex

eat these carbohydrates

my favorite types of carbs are complex and are full of fiber and nutrients

vegetables (less spike in blood glucose)

fruit (don’t juice it, this removes the fiber and pectin)

beans (best had with fats, also a good source of protein)

whole grains (the difference between whole and refined on blood sugar)


how to get control of your blood sugar

the blood sugar spike (what happens in the body when you eat a donut, and the inevitable crash)

what simple sugars do to the blood stream (the difference of digesting complex vs simple carbohydrates)

why any carb will still raise your blood glucose levels

tips of keeping your blood sugar stable

should you consume artificial sweeteners?

why it might be temporarily good to help you get of sugar

why it might make your sugar cravings worse

studies showing the detriment of artificial sweeteners

some alternatives

All your sugar questions answered