My Top 5 Favorite Female Food Bloggers

I never follow recipes. I’m hard pressed to measure an ingredient with more than my used coffee cup and an old wooden spoon. This proved difficult during my chef training as I was required to measure ingredients by weight to make sure the proportions were correct. This is my lazy girl reason for not posting recipes. The second reason is more important. I’m passionate about nutrition, science, and cutting through all the conflicting wellness information. I made this site as a simple guidebook for understanding complex topics. Recipes are just not my forte. I will not, however, leave you hanging without a list of my absolute favorite food bloggers. 

I understand we could all use a little structure and a dose of inspiration. That is why I love cookbooks and I religiously look at recipe blogs. I made a list of women on the world wide web who are my food heroes. They are changing the way we look at food and are making healthy meals approachable and attainable. Even if you aren’t a big recipe girl like me, I guarantee these bloggers will motivate you to get your ass in the kitchen and cook yourself a healthy meal. Cheers to spreading the love and here are my recipe power women.


My New Roots

Sarah Britton changed my world. Sounds nuts? Maybe. She is the person that inspired me to be a holistic nutritionist and head back to school to become a Certified Nutrition Practitioner. She sprinkles nutrition information into almost every post and she celebrates the beauty of single ingredients in her meals.

The First Mess

Obviously, the name of her blog alone had me hooked. Laura has a distinctive voice of the everyday girl that I seriously resonate with. Don’t get me wrong – she is no amateur in the kitchen. Her recipes are all over my Pinterest. Just like all my favorites, her photography is on point.

Oh She Glows

Straight up reference guide for vegan cooking. Want to know how to make coconut whipped cream or have a list of vegan cookies? See Angela’s blog sooner rather than later. I know you’ll be bookmarking her recipes like mad.

Minimalist Baker

Even if their recipes sucked (which they don’t!) I would go to this blog often for the playful pop art photography. I literally can’t go to this site without smiling. Husband and wife duo Dana and John are the cutest little pair that made an easy to navigate site that is full of vegan recipes.

Nutrition Stripped

McKel is my superwoman. Although we post some similar information there is no competition here. She posts beautiful pictures, easy to follow recipes, and even has mindfully curated meal plans. However, she’s just in my top five because of those reasons. McKel doesn’t blindly tell the reader to eat this or that. She gives you an in-depth profile of the benefits of each ingredient. She informs the reader on the “how to’s” and educates you along the way. Most importantly as an RD she has a vast background in nutrition and bases her advice on science. That’s my kind of girl.

Want to add your favorite bloggers to my hit list? Comment below and add to the knowledge bank!

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