Why Freezing Food is a Smoothie Makers Must Do

Anything goes for smoothies. If smoothies are new to you there is a basic formula you can follow if you are feeling overwhelmed. But you can’t go wrong with throwing fruit in a Vitamix and switching that airplane on to blend your produce to perfection. Here are three things I try to always have in my freezer to give my smoothies an added punch.



I am guilty of buying a big a** bag of spinach and getting to the bottom only to find several rotten slimy leaves. My solution, spinach ice cubes. Crazy? Probably. Fill your vitamix to the brim with leafy green spinach leaves then add two to three cups of water and blend until smooth. Grab some ice cube trays and fill it up with this seriously nutrition packed liquid. Spinach is one of my top ‘superfoods’ and it boasts a high nutrient profile. One cup of spinach is nine times the amount of your daily value of vitamin K. It is also high in vitamin A, manganese, folate, magnesium, and iron. Once the cubes are frozen you can seal them in a bag and pop a few into your morning smoothie. Also if you are feeling a little feisty, instead of blending the spinach in water, try nut milk or coconut water. 

Fat Attack: 

Same basic story. Scoop out the avocado and freeze them as halves, wedges, or blend them and freeze them in cubes. Drizzling a little bit of lemon or lime juice will help them retain their green color and help prevent browning. I love having a slice of avocado in my smoothie. It gives it a little extra gumption (not to mention healthy fats, satiation, yada yada) and will render a creamy consistency. Mylkshakes anyone?

Instagram Obsession: 

Frozen Bananas: always have these babies on hand. Forget that vegan store bought ice cream. Banana ‘ice cream’ is where it’s at. I think this is the best treat on earth. Add cacao, frozen bananas, and a little oat milk together — I could pass out in taste bud heaven.

Beginners Tip: Make sure to wait until the bananas are spotty. You know the ones that usually don’t sell in the grocery store. Riper bananas are easier to digest, they have a more well rounded flavor, and taste sweeter. Just wait. You will be rewarded. Also don’t freeze your bananas with the peels on. We have all been lazy and thought about it. I’ve actually done it. Frozen bananas with peels = you not having frozen bananas in your shake. Sad story.

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  1. Terri Lynn April 29, 2016 at 2:07 am - Reply

    Ah I love all of these ideas. I’m absolutely making spinach ice cubes.

  2. Sandra May 3, 2016 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    Yup, I have frozen bananas with the peels on. You are right – not such a good idea. Never tried freezing avocado or spinach! Thanks for the tips.

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