how-to-grocery-shop-when-you-are-hungryBecause We All Know You’re Going To

It’s 7:42 pm and the false sense of satiation from my likely MSG laden leftover Chinese takeout is wearing off. [Time for a fridge check].

The underwhelming amount of food is further annoying my grumbling stomach. [Close fridge].

I now have exactly one hour and fifteen minutes until the grocery store closes. [Deep stomach growl]. It’s imperative that I remain stubborn enough to keep my new year’s resolution and pack my own lunches.

Bag. Jacket. Wallet. Keys. Quadruple check. [Out the door].

It’s definitely not ideal to shop when hungry. We all freaking know this, and if our busy schedules weren’t enough to remind us, there are studies that prove it. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. Got it.

Well it’s 8:00 and I need a grown up night time snack. Like Cheerios or something. With almond milk of course, because like I said, grown up. I made two more mental notes to check the ingredients in the milk, and get chia seeds to toss on top, because they’re basically the equivalent of adult sprinkles.

It is inevitable we are going to go grocery shopping at soe point in our lives when we are hungry. These are my five ways I avoid buying junk food when it seems to be raining from the heavens when I’m shopping. 

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Make a Hit List

Don’t go in wandering. Write a list before you go into the store and stick to it. Try to cut it down to the essentials. Then get in and out as quickly as possible.


Make a commitment to use the 15 and under check out line. This will limit what you buy. Hopefully you will stick what is on your list.

Basket Trumps Cart

If I’m walking around a grocery store and my arm feels like it’s going to fall off from holding my basket, you bet I’m heading to the checkout line. You are also likely to buy more stuff when you are shopping with a cart versus a basket.

Flash Zone

The “flash zone” refers to cereals, cookies, candies, and packaged food. Because they have flashy images, bright colors, and fun cartoon animals they tend to lure children (ahem, me) in. Keep out of the center of the store where there are aisles full of these flashy packages.

Treat ‘Yo Self

If I’m really hungry and I’m going to the store – I know I’m going to get something bite sized to satisfy my hanger. Promise yourself a treat and get it first thing. Because if you don’t, those three minutes you wait in the checkout line will make those candy bars look like the last food on earth. Go find the little boxes of berries or a cooled coconut water. Something healthy that might not be on your grocery list but will hold you over until you can unpack your food at home.

Don’t go in wandering. Write a list before you go into the store and stick to it. Speaking or writing lists – do you need help with that? 

Collage Credit: Alexandra Thomas

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