An OCD Nutritionists Tips for Making Grocery Shopping Lists

Maybe lists aren’t your thing. I write and rewrite lists. I know I should use my google keep and save some trees but I’m partial to paper. Whatever method you chose, you will have a better shopping experience if you are planned and prepped.


Keep Track

Keep an ongoing list of things you need in your kitchen so when shopping day comes you don’t have to dig through your pantry to see what you are forgetting.

Take Inventory

What do you have what do you need? Is there anything that you forgot throughout the week that is not already on your running list? An easy way to do this is by looking at a master list to see if there are foods you are forgetting. Check if you are running out of staples such as canned food, grains, and legumes. Be realistic about the fresh food. I always advocate having plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand, but you know how much you will eat, try to avoid food waste and get what works for you.

Make More Than One

Hitting Up Multiple Stores? Separate your lists accordingly.

Group Like Items

Don’t trek back and forth through the grocery store. Nobody has time for that. If your list reads: onions, black beans, sprouted bread, tomatoes, celery, hummus – you are going to be all over the place. Group like food items together.

Map it Out

Again, avoid the ping-pong effect. If you usually go to the same grocery store repetitively you know the lay of the land. Write your shopping list according to where foods are stocked. For instance, if the fruit if the first thing you come across begin your shopping list with apples and oranges and not canned foods.

Write the Name and Quantity of the Item

No one wants to stand in front of a pyramid of bell peppers trying to remember if your recipes called for two or three. Write your list like it’s for your husband. Spell shit out.

Stick to the List

Grocery stores are like any other business that wants you to buy. Everything from the aisle width to the music playing is enticing you to buy things that weren’t on your list. For your health and your wallet stop wandering and stick to the list.

Move on and up and know my tips for navigating a grocery store.

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Collage Credit: Alexandra Thomas

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