how-to-grocery-shop-smarterFive Ways to Stay on Track at the Grocery Store

You’ve made your shopping list, you have your reusable bags, and are on route to the store…  

‘Round the Outside

As a general rule of thumb stay on the perimeters of the store. If you are diving into the center have it be for a specific item on your list. It’s a “get in and get out” scenario.

Tired, Hungry, Rushed

Three strikes you’re out. Any of these, let alone all of them put together is a disaster waiting to happen. My favorite time to shop is after breakfast when I’m fed, alert, and energized. If you are human and have to go shopping when you’re hungry then read my survival tips.

Off-Peak Hours

I know this doesn’t work with most schedules but if you can avoid heading to the store at peak hours your shopping experience will dramatically improve. Scenario: It’s 4:30 and you realize you don’t have anything planned for dinner tonight. I would say 80 percent of the population is in your shoes. Make a hit list and get only what you need for supper that night. You are less likely to browse and buy junk if you have a clear plan to execute.  

Sales Pitch

You know your list. Don’t be swayed by the sales. For instance, buy one get one half off [insert favorite junk food] packages.

Stick to Your List

Sound redundant? Grocery store layouts are designed to get you to buy things that you don’t need. If you took the time to itemize your pantry, make a meal plan, and write out a list then you deserve to follow it through.

Annoyed with how much you’re groceries cost? Check these money saving tips.

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