The days of wilted and forgotten lettuce leaves are over my friend.

There is an age old debate that goes back to the debut of the refrigerator. How can we store our salad and keep them freshest for the longest? There are some tried and true methods involving paper towels, plastic zip lock bags, and a burrito rolling the leaves. Even though I’m sure these methods are effective it just seems like too many steps. 

This used to be a common scenario in my kitchen. A beautiful bushel of kale or bag of spinach comes back from the farmers market and gets dropped into the crisper drawer. There is only a plastic wrap separating me from a nutritional powerhouse of greens. However, more often then not the greens got soggy before my lazy self unwrapped them from their packaging. Let me introduce you to the grab and go.

You’re back from the grocery store and you’ve got your greens. Remove laziness now so you can be lazy later. It’s all a bit of give and take. Wash your produce. Pesticides are a real problem and giving your leaves a bath is going to reduce chemical residue and remove those random dirt particles. Once you’ve finished washing and drying the leaves you’re practically done. 

• wash and dry your greens

• pull out your crisper drawer

• line it with a clean dish towel or flour sack

• lay green on top of the towel

• fold excess towel over the greens

grab and go babe. 

Did you let your greens dry out? Use this quick trick to bring your leaves and greens back to life.

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Image Credit: Alexandra Thomas

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