7 Ways to Remind Yourself to Drink Water

There are three things you’re supposed to have down pat by the time you’re an adult: eat your vegetables, get enough sleep, and drink water. If you’re out of your parent’s house and you don’t have your mother to remind you, don’t fear, there is an app. Who cares if you’re labeled the bathroom weirdo at work that has to pee a million times a day? I’m sure you’ll live longer and have nicer looking skin. Grab your bottle and drink on. Here are seven ways to remember to drink water throughout the day.

Morning Routine

Pour a glass of water and leave it on your bedside table before you fall asleep. The glass can be the first thing you see when you wake up. In the groggy morning moments of being half awake – don’t think, just drink.

Keep it Close

I know it might not be conducive to your daily routine to lug around a giant water bottle. If you need one in your purse, car, and on your office desk then go for it. You are more likely to reach for a bottle that is right in front of you.

Drinking Game

Everyone loves a little competition. Have a buddy system with a coworker or friend to see who can drink the most water. Please be smart and avoid water intoxication (yes, this is a thing).

There’s an App for That

Waterlogged and Daily Water Reminder are two free apps that will help annoy you into remembering to drink up. 


I know it’s incredibly easy to walk to the sink and fill up a cup. However, I am much more inclined to chug water from my favorite KleenKanteen. Invest in a water bottle that you will happily take with you wherever you go. Bkr, Corkcicle, and Swell are all great brands that last forever and have loads of fun colors. Stick with metal or glass bottles and try to say no to plastic. 

Sip Trick

I have no idea why, but if there is a cup with a straw I’m much more likely to take more frequent sips. If bottles aren’t your thing make a switch.


Since most of us haven’t given up all other liquid devices (aka coffee) I have applied a “one for one” rule. Anytime you have a drink such as coffee, soda, or juice make sure to follow it up with one glass of water.

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