How to Feel Prepared Before Heading to the Market

Going to the farmers’ market is pretty chill. You can wake up in your leggings from last night, slip your feet into some Birks, and head out the door. It’s hard to mess this part up. Until that moment when you’ve paid for your cucumbers and an impressive bushel of kale only to have the farmer hand them to you in a giant stack. Your crossbody bag isn’t going to cut it. Now you’re faced with stashing said cucumbers into the pouch of your hoodie, and the kale you’ve tucked under your arm officially makes you look like the jolly green giant. 

Bring Bags

It’s likely that your farmer will have bags or boxes for you to take their produce home in. However, as often as we buy groceries consider investing in some reusable bags. Try these flip and tumbles – they fold up into a small ball that fits in the palm of your hand. I’ve had mine for several years now and they’ve held up under some pretty strenuous use. I also love the idea of using these mesh bags to separate produce while shopping.

Cash Flow

Bring small bills. Don’t try to break a twenty when buying two tomatoes.

Check the Weather

Sunglasses? Sunscreen? Rain? Consider wearing a rain jacket and leaving the umbrella. When huddling under cramped food stalls umbrellas tends to be inconvenient when they are poking the other patrons.

Write it Down

I pride myself on making lists. When loading up my bike with my newly purchased veggies I feel a sense of accomplishment with my haul – until, “I forgot the apples.” Make a list and write it down. What should be on that list? If you are new to the farmer’s market maybe only go for a few seasonal treats to start with. Or maybe you’re like me and you get your week’s worth of produce at the market. Avoid flustered forgetfulness and write out a clear list before you arrive. But also leave room for exploration and if that artichoke is calling your name, buy it!

Most farmers’ markets should have a website with their hours of operation. Make sure to not haggle the farmers before or after these opening hours. Also beware of the location and transportation. Is there a place to park your car? Will it be in a city center or a park? Hint: Google maps is your friend.

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If you are heading to the market this week take a pictures of your tote and tag me at #thesharpguide so I can see. Are you ready to take your farmer’s market knowledge to the next level?

Collage Credit: Alexandra Thomas

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